Training Room Tables and Chairs

A North Carolina company was experiencing difficulty re-configuring their Training Room for the different Training Sessions they were scheduling. Standard 4-leg tables were heavy and the stack chairs were difficult for employees to handle. Making clusters during training sessions for group training was near impossible.

Searching the internet for solutions, they found Systems Sales Company, Inc. ( and learned about Nesting Training Tables and Nesting Chairs. Tracy called Bill Lehman for a consultation. Together Bill and Tracy decided that tables and chairs with casters would make reconfiguring the Training Room much easier. As a bonus, the nesting feature took much less storage space than expected.

Reside Series Training Room

Training Tables and Chairs that feature fast re-configurations, including nesting capabilities, will solve your Training Room needs! Contact Bill at or call 800-396-0738 to begin your transformation.

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Adjustable Height Table

A stand-up desk offers many benefits for your health, comfort and ergonomics. Using one can make you more alert, energetic and focused on the task at hand. An adjustable height desk can even help you burn calories, lose weight and live longer. So, what are you waiting for? Stand up for yourself and experience the benefits of a height adjustable desk.

Here are four surprising benefits of using a standing desk.

1. Longer Life Expectancy

Did you know that you can live longer simply by standing up more and sitting down less? Studies show that active people have a longer life expectancy than their sedentary counterparts. For this reason, a standing desk is a much better choice than a standard, sit-down desk.

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time can actually cause you physical harm. As you sit, fat accumulates in your heart, liver, brain and other organs. Your muscles lose their tone and definition, and your body tires more easily. The potential for weight gain is tremendous for workers who sit all day.

2. More Calories Burned

How many calories can you burn by switching from a sit-down desk to a stand-up desk? More than you think. An adjustable height desk can help you avoid the health pitfalls of sitting all day, and you can burn calories at the same time.

According to one calorie-burn calculator, a 180-pound person burns around 970 calories during the course of a seven hour workday. Using a height adjustable desk, the same person burns around 1260 calories. This is an increase of 290 calories. If you are trying to lose or manage your weight, the calories can really add up.

3. Better Overall Health

The twenty-first century lifestyle is more sedentary than ever before. Overweight, obesity and diabetes are also more prevalent. A healthy diet and regular exercise are still the best ways to lose weight and prevent diabetes, but a standing desk can help, especially if you are not used to exercise. A stand-up desk encourages you to stay active throughout the day, and movement is a good way to stay fit and healthy during desk work.

Of course, standing all day can be tiring; you may not be able to handle more than fifteen minutes at a time. Fortunately, most standing desks are adjustable desks that enable you to move from standing to sitting and back again. Sit-to-stand desks allow you to vary your position and change it with ease.

4. Better Ergonomics

Sitting is not a natural position. Extended periods of sitting behind a desk can cause numerous problems including backaches, neck and shoulder pain, leg cramps, sciatica, headaches and vision issues. Standing all day can be painful too, especially if you are not used to it. An adjustable height desk is the best solution.

An ergonomic desk makes you feel better, and when you feel better, you work better. A standing desk helps you be more productive at work. It also encourages interaction with your coworkers. It gives you easy access to your team members, supply rooms, office equipment and more.

Height adjustable desks are suitable for home office workers, computer desk users, students, cubicle dwellers and office executives. So check out a standing desk and take control of your health and productivity!

Recommendation from Ryan
I can attest to the increased energy level first-hand. I switched to a standing desk about a month ago, and at first I could only stand for about an hour before I wanted to sit, but that gradually changes. I now sit for about an hour total during the day, with the rest of the time standing. I feel less stressed, and more focused on tasks. I can’t explain exactly why, but I’m guessing it is the fact that I’m constantly shifting weight, moving my feet a little, and “micro-dancing” to the music in my headphones.

Call Bill at 800-396-0738 or  e-mail ( for further information about Height Adjustable Tables.

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Healthy Office Furniture

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t healthy.  Developing new habits is important, like standing in front of your electric height adjustable desk for half the day.  Even for people who exercise daily, the negative effects of a sedentary rest-of-the-work day can trump the benefits of a workout.  When it comes to designing and working in productive office spaces, check out the following healthy office furniture choices:

Beta Chair

Sitmatic Beta² Ergonomic Seating

a. Beta² Seating, with its many designs, sizes and functional options, may be custom specified for precise user requirements.
b. A Task Chair with correct ergonomic posture achieved quickly and easily with Beta’s extraordinary range of adjustments and options.

Adjustable Height Table

Office Source Electric Adjustable Table

a. The electric height-adjustable table allows employees to sit or stand at a whim without disturbing others, maximizing comfort and productivity.
b. Promotes a culture that appreciates employee health and well-being, while eliminating the sedentary work style.

For more information on the Sitmatic Beta² Ergonomic Seating and OfficeSource Adjustable Tables, contact Bill Lehman at 800-396-0738 or e-mail Bill at (

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Eastern North Carolina County Re-Cycles Office Equipment – Saves $20,000

A local county Department of Social Services has changed their paper record keeping system to an electronic record keeping system making their TAB Trac Mobile Storage System obsolete. The county Sheriff’s Department needed an Evidence Storage System and the TAB Trac Mobile Storage System at the DSS fit the need at a tremendous cost savings to the county. Bill Lehman with Systems Sales Company was called in to plan the move. Bill worked with DSS and the Sheriff’s office to develop a schedule. The four objectives that DSS and the Sheriff required were:

  1. Re-cycle DSS TAB Trac Mobile Storage System into the Sheriff’s Department requirement.
  2. Coordinate with the Sheriff’s office moving evidence out of the current Evidence Room to a secure area that was easily accessible.
  3. Remove the TAB Trac Mobile System from DSS quickly as possible and avoid obvious disturbance of DSS clients.
  4. Re-install the TAB Trac Mobile Storage system according to Sheriff’s new requirements.

Sheriff Blog-2

The move went off like clock-work. Noise at DSS was kept to a minimum satisfying the objective of not disturbing DSS clients. Installation at the Sheriff’s office was accomplished on a timely basis, making the Evidence Room ready to receive Evidence Packages. The county saved $20,000 by re-cycling the TAB Trac Mobile System into a new use, satisfying the re-cycling requirement.

Call Bill Lehman at 800-396-0738 or email at to plan re-cycling obsolete office equipment into a new cost saving use.

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U.S. Postal Services Want Their Totes Back!

A large North Carolina Manufacturing Company received a Constant Contact communication from Systems Sales Company about returning US Postal Service Mail Totes to the Post Office.  David Williams, VP Postal Network Operations, said “the Postal Service spent nearly $50 million dollars this past fiscal year to replace equipment that was never returned. We are in a financial crisis and simply cannot afford this type of expense.  The Totes are federal property and we want them back”.

Mail Totes

The Manufacturing Company called Systems Sales Company for consultation.  Bill Lehman and the Director of Operations reviewed the mail function in each of their five departments and developed a plan to purchase Mail Totes from Charnstrom. Different colors were assigned to each department so to designate the origin of the Tote.  Many times their courier would use Mail Totes to transport items from one department to another.  Now they own their Mail Totes and have returned the borrowed ones to the Post Office, making David Williams very happy.

For further information about Charnstrom Mail Totes, please email Bill Lehman at or call 800-396-0738.

Click on link to Totes:  Charnstrom Mail Totes

Direct portal to our Charnstrom catalogue: Charnstrom Portal



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Systems Sales Company Designs Mail Rooms – Free

Charnstrom Logo

Mail Room - Designs

You want to be proud of your mailroom and the work your team does to deliver timely and accurate mail communications.  Be sure to plan a mail center with the right workflow to maximize efficiency.  Our planners are experienced at how to deliver the optimal layout depending on the variables of your operation.  We have been doing mail centers for many years and we are adept at harmonizing the time, space, and motion components needed for proper low cost mail handling.

Ask for our questionnaire (call 800-396-0738 or email to gather the pertinent information needed to create the best possible floor plan.  Send in the completed questionnaire with the CAD file (or a dimensioned drawing of your mailroom space).  We will prepare your proposal and have it back to you in 2-3 working days.  We provide a quoted bill of materials with pricing and specifications, a 2D drawing, and 3D drawings showing different views of the room.  These drawings define your mailroom in great detail and they are accurate and to scale.  They are given to the installers to assist them in the assembly and installation of your furniture.  Take the guesswork out of planning your new mail center – let Systems Sales Company help you get it right!

Charnstrom Portal

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Eastern North Carolina Office Dealer Offers 5 Ergonomic Tips

The average American spends about fifteen hours per day sitting either in their car traveling, at their office working, or at home watching TV.  There are three time segments to our day.  First is sleeping for eight hours, next is working eight hours, and the last eight hours is spent with free time.  Our concentration will be the eight hours working in the office at a desk.  Here are 5 tips on creating a productive, ergonomic-friendly workspace.

  1. Ergonomic Seating –  It’s all about fit.  While ill-fitting clothes may be just a fashion faux-pas, ill-fitting seating can be a serious and costly problem.  We properly fit employees to their seating with our comprehensive seating template, fitting their size and shape, adjusting the ergonomic features on the chair, and making more productive and happy employees.
  1. Ergonomic Arm Rests – We fit employees to their job function from nine different armrest styles.  They can be extremely crucial to reducing strain on everything from their wrists and shoulders to their spine, hips, and thighs.  Being able to properly support hands and wrists improves comfort, contributes to employee health, and can minimize workplace distractions stemming from posture-related fatigue.
  1. Proper Desk Height – Fitting exercise into our busy daily schedule can be difficult at best.  Taking advantage of a sit-and-stand desk is the perfect way to integrate additional body movement into our daily routine.  By merely pressing a button, the desk height will change from sitting height to standing height, and vice versa.  Alternating this function from hour to hour, will improve circulation, relieve stress on joints and muscles, and provide the opportunity to clear their mind and re-focus.  Employee movement can be enhanced by the addition of a slowly moving treadmill.
  1. Correct Computer Screen Height – As important as is Ergonomic Seating, so is the position of your Computer Monitor.  The monitor screen should be positioned so that looking straight ahead, the worker sees the top one third of the screen.  A Monitor Arm with variable adjustability is necessary to properly adjust the screen height and angle to avoid back pain, neck stress, and headaches, especially when changing the desk height.
  1. Take a Break – Short 5 to 10 minute breaks every hour can improve productivity.  All it takes is the ability to stand up and move about the workstation.  This could be the time the employee can use to change the desk height and adjust the monitor screen. The dangers of extended sitting include muscle ache, the ‘snap, crackle, & pop’ in the joints, eye strain, and stress.

These are a few tips for creating an ergonomic-friendly workspace, addressing issues that can impact both employee performance and health.  Call 800-396-0738 or email for further information on an ergonomic-friendly workspace.

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Evidence Lockers

police lockers

An Eastern North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Enforcement Chief Officer was planning to build a new office to house three officers and ancillary functions. Included in his plans is an Evidence Room to store items collected during crime investigations. Chief Randy has some unique requests for his new Evidence Lockers. He called Bill Lehman from Systems Sales Company. I introduced Chief Randy to Lincora Law Enforcement Lockers, and he and I worked to develop five requirements for his Evidence Lockers.

Five Requirements for Evidence Lockers are as follows:

  1. No Assembly – All welded design ships complete and ready to put in place.
  2. Quiet Operation – Friction nylon closing latch and polypropylene bumpers riveted at the top and bottom of the door casing, prevents metal on metal contact noise.
  3. Strong – Welded lockers have double pan doors.
  4. Secure – All welded construction eliminates nuts and bolts. The Latching system will accommodate built-in combination lock, built-in key lock, Digilock, or padlock.
  5. Adequate Ventilation – There is at least 5.8 square inches of open ventilation space per door panel.

Systems Sales Company installed Lincora Evidence Lockers in Chief Randy’s Evidence Room. We achieved all the requirements above, and then some. Now the ABC office has Evidence Lockers that are solid, durable, and functional. Lincora has been fabricating all-welded Evidence Lockers for over 40 years, and they have proven their Evidence Lockers maximize the security for evidence.

If you have need for Evidence Lockers, call Bill at 800-396-0738 or e-mail at I am available for consultation to design your Evidence Room, just as we did for Chief Randy.

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Mobile Storage

John, the office manager for a local Eastern North Carolina manufacturing company, was perplexed about what to do with all the office stuff the company had accumulated over the years. He had a 20’ x 60’ room full of stacked boxes of accounting records, old computer printouts, even holiday decorations, among other stuff.

John had been a customer of Systems Sales Company while he worked at another company and he remembered the work Bill Lehman had helped him with on a similar project. So he called Bill again to evaluate his new task. John developed 9 considerations to design an organized Storage Room.

mobile-shelving-misc items

  1. Inventory items to be stored. Throw away trash.
  2. Determine the weight of the items to be stored.
  3. Note the multiple sizes of the items to be stored.
  4. Is the 20’ x 60’ room large enough for everything to be stored?
  5. Comply with all fire codes.
  6. Determine the weight limit of the floor.
  7. Select the shelving style to match items being stored.
  8. Determine if a Mobile System or static shelving is the most appropriate use.
  9. Index the items into tracking software to be able to find them when placed on the shelf.

After consulting with Systems Sales Company, John agreed with my evaluation that addressed his 9 considerations, and ordered the recommended Mobile System, including the Tracking Software. It met all John’s concerns and even saved enough space in the Storage Room so he could add staff.

For a similar experience planning and implementing a Mobile Storage System, please call 800-396-0738 and ask for a professional consultation that will result in a design for which will exceed all expectations.


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Ergonomic Task Chair

How to Buy an Ergonomic Task Chair

Mary works at a very busy doctor’s office as a receptionist.  Her job requires her to sit at the front desk receiving patients, scheduling appointments, and other associated tasks.  She works while seated 80% of her day.

Initially, Mary sat in a standard, no frills task chair that was old and tattered, which eventually affected her chronic spine and neck problem.  She began to have severe back pain.  Then she remembered Bill Lehman at Systems Sales Company had introduced her company to an Ergonomic Task Chair that she thought could possibly address her back problems and was comfortable too.

Mary believed there were four important features to have on a task chair:


  1. Adjustable features must be seat height control, back adjustment with lumbar support, and arm rest height adjustment.
  2. The seat must be the correct size to fit her hips and upper legs to prevent circulation issues in her legs.
  3. The fabric must be comfortable, durable, stain resistant, and have cooling airflow effect. Stitching should be positioned so that it would not irritate her skin.
  4. Since she will be sitting in the chair 80% of her day, she wanted a long and easy to understand warranty.

Bill Lehman from Systems Sales Company brought Mary a demonstration chair to try for a couple of weeks.  It fulfilled her requirements and even included a seat slider to adjust the proper seat depth for her legs.  Mary is pleased with her Task Chair purchase, and her back pain is much improved.

For more information about Ergonomic Task Chair features or for a demonstration appointment, call Bill Lehman at 800-396-0738. He would be pleased to help you select the proper chair for the task.

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