Electronic Medical Records

Transitioning to Electronic Medical Records can be a headache!

It can be very daunting to make the transition from a paper based medical records system to an electronic medical records system.  This transition can be easier by letting your patients enter their own basic patient history.  We know that some patients are not capable of doing this, but in our technology age, the majority of the patients can.  In fact many prefer entering their information via technology than the “old fashioned” paper/pencil method.

Since privateworkstations-246x300 (3)placing computers on a table in the waiting room creates a patient privacy problem, Systems Sales Company, Inc. suggested placing an economical, compact, somewhat private, computer carrel, in the waiting room.

A Marvel Pronto Computer Carrell was selected as the perfect solution for the limited space, and maintains privacy your patients require.  Each table is an independent unit and is repositionable.  The 36” wide Computer Carrel gives the patient required privacy by shielding the monitor from those seated at the adjacent carrel, and provides space for the computer.  Additionally a fabric covered tack board for informational instructions and messages is included.

The base of the Pronto Computer Carrel is made of steel which is painted with a textured powder coat, providing an attractive, smudge free, appearance. The steel base is an extremely strong structure that holds the laminate top and side panels. There is a cable manager trough on the modesty panel and grommets in the laminate table top to hide unsightly cables from view.  A variety of colors will compliment most any office décor.

If you are looking to make an easier transition from paper records to electronic medical records, contact Systems Sales Company, Inc. today at 800-396-0738.  We would love to help you make this transition a little easier.

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Conference Table – Buying Guide

Bedford - TR_T96P4








How to Select Conference Room Furniture

A conference table is not only a place to hold a meeting or give a presentation. It is the focal point of the room, and the image it projects could play a positive role in furthering the success of your business. You will want your conference room to look professional yet warm; efficient yet attractive. At first glance, it might seem as simple as just buying a conference table large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably and where each person sitting at the table can be seen by everyone else. Not so!  Here are six basic tips to selecting Conference Room Furniture:

1.  Select the table shape that fits your needs.

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Racetrack
  • Boat-Shaped

2. What is your Style?

  • Modern
  • Transitional
  • Traditional

3.  Determine the right size Conference Table.

  • What is the size of your room?
  • How many will participate in a conference?
  • What other furniture will be needed in the Conference Room?

4.  From what material should your conference furniture be made?

  • Laminate
  • Wood Veneer
  • Solid Wood

5.  Seating Selection

  • Executive Chair with casters
  • Chair without casters
  • Informal task chair with casters

6.  What other accessories will be needed?

  • Electronic presentation equipment
  • Buffet for storage and serving refreshments
  • Data and Power in the table top

Systems Sales Company, Inc. has furnished many Conference Rooms with many different requirements.  Our 35 years of experience with office furniture allows us to offer our customers the very best options available.  Please call Systems Sales Company, Inc. at 800-396-0738 and ask for Bill Lehman to schedule a consultation.  You will be delighted with the results.


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Manufacturing Plant Hires Eight Engineers

OfficeSource PL Desk








Joyce from a local Manufacturing Plant was looking for Office Desks for eight engineers recently hired by their corporate office. The Engineers were to arrive in two weeks. She was assigned the task of finding a professional Office Furniture Dealer to furnish eight offices with desks and executive seating, quickly, and within budget. Joyce called Systems Sales Company and they employed their Four Step Program as follows:

1. Consult with Joyce to listen and take the time to understand exactly what her needs were, and applying our expertise resulting in a space for where she wanted to be today, and plan for where she wants to be in 3 years.

2. Design the offices using the latest software to create a plan that works for her new engineers.

3. Deliver and install with our in-house installation staff, on-time, and within budget.

4. Support for Joyce did not end with the completion of the project. Systems Sales Company continues to consult with Joyce for future projects, assist with warranty issues, cleaning, and refinishing older furniture.

Joyce was pleased that she and her staff only watched as Systems Sales Company’s installation team was installing her Office Furniture. The turn-key installation was completed within the given time frame and was left ready to for her Engineers to move into. She is a happy customer.

For a similar experience ordering Office Furniture, please call 800 396 0738 and ask for a professional consultation that will result in an office design for which you will be proud.

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Power Module

Cubicle Clamp Power Module









How many times have your workers needed the convenience of power and communications at the desk top level?  Managers rarely have good affordable solutions for this, until now.  The Power Module is the solution, whether in a cubicle or a desk environment.  Merely clamp the Power Module to the edge of the desk, plug in to a normal duplex receptacle and communication jack, and VOILA; the manager is a hero who has provided a solution that is affordably  convenient.  Workers are happy, and managers have a group of fans who have gained great confidence in their ability to provide solutions.

Call Bill Lehman at 800-396-0738 to learn about the Power Module for desktop power and communications, and be the hero workers admire.

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BootieButler Shoe Cover System

BootieButler  System



It seems as time goes on, new products are introduced into the market place.  Such a new product introduced to  Systems Sales Company, Inc. is BootieButler Shoe Cover Systems.  I know, BootieButler sounds a bit on the racy side…….but not so.

There are three parts to the BootieButler Shoe Cover System.  First is the actual shoe covers, and there are several options available to cover anti-static to non-skid applications.  Second is the actual dispenser.  There are two models from which to select; the smaller dispenser used for low volume applications and the larger dispenser used for high volume applications.  Real Estate Companies would be a candidate for the low volume applications, and large manufacturing companies and hospitals are candidates for higher volume applications. Then the third part that completes the system is the Shoe Cover Remover.  The Remover prevents workers from touching the shoe cover during removal, preventing unintentional contamination.  It uses a vacuum system that sucks the shoe cover off the shoe, and moves the shoe covers into a storage tank for disposal.  An additional benefit is quick removal that speeds up the exiting process.

The BootieButler Shoe Cover System represents a revolutionary step forward in the shoe cover industry where safety, speed, and compliance are critical.   Call Bill Lehman at 800-396-0738 for more information.


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Krystal Glass Whiteboard Review

Krystal Glass Whiteboard








About a month ago I went to a client meeting where they had a glass whiteboard in the conference room. This was the first one I had ever seen and I remarked how cool it was. The folks at Krystal GlassBoards were monitoring for keywords on twitter, and reached out to me about sending a sample for review purposes.

Now if you’ve never seen a glass whiteboard it’s a pretty substantial item, a lot more sturdy and durable than your ordinary dry erase board. Basically it’s a marker board made from tempered safety glass, that gets shipped in some heavy duty shipping protection. They have a few different options as far as sizes, and colors. If you have a white or very light colored wall you can go with clear glass. My wall was green, so I went with a frosted board that was 3′ x 4′.

The packaging may seem a bit intense (we’re shipping glass here people), but installing the glass whiteboard was easy. The unit comes packed with a template for drilling holes for the mounting brackets, so be sure not to rip it when you are installing it. I’d also suggest saving it in case you need to move it later. You drill four holes and put in four heavy duty wall anchors. It’s not hard at all, but you do want to pay attention while doing it so the board is straight. Once you get the wall anchors and the stainless steal stand-offs in place, you put the glass whiteboard onto the mounting brackets. You will need two people to do this since it’s a little heavy. Then you put the mounting caps on and its good to go. It’s actually a really professional looking installation. You can choose to mount your board horizontally or vertically. There’s a gallery of whiteboard installations on the website.

So why would you actually want a glass whiteboard instead of your standard dry erase board? First off, it’s a much more professional looking piece of office equipment. A dry erase board is cheaper, but it also looks cheaper too. A glass whiteboard is much more durable. After you’ve had a standard whiteboard for a while and someone forgets to erase it after a meeting you get “ghosting” – we’ve all seen it. So you get to relive the details of that meeting over and over again. With a glass whiteboard that never happens. With standard dry erase boards you need to use special markers. Eventually someone forgets and uses a sharpie permanent marker and then you’re stuck with whatever they wrote forever. With a Krystal whiteboard that’s not an issue; you can use any marker you want and clean it later with a little glass cleaner and paper towel.

If you are interested in getting a glass whiteboard I suggest contacting Bill Lehman at Systems Sales Company, Inc. 1-800-396-0738.

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Why Daylight Matters

  •  Access to daylight reduces stress and may increase productivity.
  • Workers overwhelmingly prefer working near windows.
  • Natural light provides variety and stimulation during the day.
  • Tapping natural light as a resource reduces energy use.

Daylight has a powerful influence on people because it affects the chronobiological system, which is responsible for regulating our sleep/wake cycles.  Our preference for views is also traced to early humans’ dependence on being able to see without being seen, which was key to our survival! When we are designing workspaces, we like to include glass panels, glazed moveable walls, lower panel heights and translucent or mesh partitions/walls.

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Need Help With Office Space Planning?

Whether you are remodeling, restructuring or building new offices, you could use some expert advice about office space planning. The design professionals at Systems Sales Company are standing by to assist you with a free planning consultation. When you work with us, you don’t receive a “cookie cutter” solution. We avoid making recommendations based simply on what’s trendy at the moment. Instead, we dig into the real functional business requirements your workspace needs to meet. This includes:

  • Optimizing the layout to fit workstations and other equipment into the available space
  • Ensuring excellent work flow and the feel of a spacious environment
  • Designing for modularity and flexibility to support future expansion or reconfiguration
  • Selecting ergonomic office furnishings that promote productivity and employee well-being
  • Layering and coordinating aesthetics to create an office design that accents your brand

We enjoy collaborating with our clients to develop and implement a plan that turns their office space into a place where work gets done right.

What Is Our Process Like?

At Systems Sales Company, we take our responsibility for providing expert consulting services very seriously. Instead of relying on blueprints or photos, we perform on-site evaluations as part of the no-charge consultation process. This is really the only way to fully understand your business needs. Once we have a good grasp of the potential of your office space, we move forward with the following steps to help you make your final decisions:

  • Develop a floor plan that maximizes your available square footage
  • Assist with material selection along with color and texture coordination (these can be put together in a “look book” for easy review)
  • Offer furniture and manufacturer recommendations for the right image and function at your target price
  • Create a furniture standards program to help you simplify office furniture lifecycle management including maintenance, replacement, and future purchases
  • Provide initial 3D computerized drawings that allow you to fully visualize the suggested office space plan

Are you ready to get started on your office space planning? Contact us for a free, no-obligation consult today.

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