Eastern North Carolina County Re-Cycles Office Equipment – Saves $20,000

A local county Department of Social Services has changed their paper record keeping system to an electronic record keeping system making their TAB Trac Mobile Storage System obsolete. The county Sheriff’s Department needed an Evidence Storage System and the TAB Trac Mobile Storage System at the DSS fit the need at a tremendous cost savings to the county. Bill Lehman with Systems Sales Company was called in to plan the move. Bill worked with DSS and the Sheriff’s office to develop a schedule. The four objectives that DSS and the Sheriff required were:

  1. Re-cycle DSS TAB Trac Mobile Storage System into the Sheriff’s Department requirement.
  2. Coordinate with the Sheriff’s office moving evidence out of the current Evidence Room to a secure area that was easily accessible.
  3. Remove the TAB Trac Mobile System from DSS quickly as possible and avoid obvious disturbance of DSS clients.
  4. Re-install the TAB Trac Mobile Storage system according to Sheriff’s new requirements.

Sheriff Blog-2

The move went off like clock-work. Noise at DSS was kept to a minimum satisfying the objective of not disturbing DSS clients. Installation at the Sheriff’s office was accomplished on a timely basis, making the Evidence Room ready to receive Evidence Packages. The county saved $20,000 by re-cycling the TAB Trac Mobile System into a new use, satisfying the re-cycling requirement.

Call Bill Lehman at 800-396-0738 or email at bleh@greenvillenc.com to plan re-cycling obsolete office equipment into a new cost saving use.

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