Ergonomic Task Chair

How to Buy an Ergonomic Task Chair

Mary works at a very busy doctor’s office as a receptionist.  Her job requires her to sit at the front desk receiving patients, scheduling appointments, and other associated tasks.  She works while seated 80% of her day.

Initially, Mary sat in a standard, no frills task chair that was old and tattered, which eventually affected her chronic spine and neck problem.  She began to have severe back pain.  Then she remembered Bill Lehman at Systems Sales Company had introduced her company to an Ergonomic Task Chair that she thought could possibly address her back problems and was comfortable too.

Mary believed there were four important features to have on a task chair:


  1. Adjustable features must be seat height control, back adjustment with lumbar support, and arm rest height adjustment.
  2. The seat must be the correct size to fit her hips and upper legs to prevent circulation issues in her legs.
  3. The fabric must be comfortable, durable, stain resistant, and have cooling airflow effect. Stitching should be positioned so that it would not irritate her skin.
  4. Since she will be sitting in the chair 80% of her day, she wanted a long and easy to understand warranty.

Bill Lehman from Systems Sales Company brought Mary a demonstration chair to try for a couple of weeks.  It fulfilled her requirements and even included a seat slider to adjust the proper seat depth for her legs.  Mary is pleased with her Task Chair purchase, and her back pain is much improved.

For more information about Ergonomic Task Chair features or for a demonstration appointment, call Bill Lehman at 800-396-0738. He would be pleased to help you select the proper chair for the task.

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