Evidence Lockers

police lockers

An Eastern North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Enforcement Chief Officer was planning to build a new office to house three officers and ancillary functions. Included in his plans is an Evidence Room to store items collected during crime investigations. Chief Randy has some unique requests for his new Evidence Lockers. He called Bill Lehman from Systems Sales Company. I introduced Chief Randy to Lincora Law Enforcement Lockers, and he and I worked to develop five requirements for his Evidence Lockers.

Five Requirements for Evidence Lockers are as follows:

  1. No Assembly – All welded design ships complete and ready to put in place.
  2. Quiet Operation – Friction nylon closing latch and polypropylene bumpers riveted at the top and bottom of the door casing, prevents metal on metal contact noise.
  3. Strong – Welded lockers have double pan doors.
  4. Secure – All welded construction eliminates nuts and bolts. The Latching system will accommodate built-in combination lock, built-in key lock, Digilock, or padlock.
  5. Adequate Ventilation – There is at least 5.8 square inches of open ventilation space per door panel.

Systems Sales Company installed Lincora Evidence Lockers in Chief Randy’s Evidence Room. We achieved all the requirements above, and then some. Now the ABC office has Evidence Lockers that are solid, durable, and functional. Lincora has been fabricating all-welded Evidence Lockers for over 40 years, and they have proven their Evidence Lockers maximize the security for evidence.

If you have need for Evidence Lockers, call Bill at 800-396-0738 or e-mail at bleh@greenvillenc.com. I am available for consultation to design your Evidence Room, just as we did for Chief Randy.

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