Healthy Office Furniture

Sitting at a desk all day isn’t healthy.  Developing new habits is important, like standing in front of your electric height adjustable desk for half the day.  Even for people who exercise daily, the negative effects of a sedentary rest-of-the-work day can trump the benefits of a workout.  When it comes to designing and working in productive office spaces, check out the following healthy office furniture choices:

Beta Chair

Sitmatic Beta² Ergonomic Seating

a. Beta² Seating, with its many designs, sizes and functional options, may be custom specified for precise user requirements.
b. A Task Chair with correct ergonomic posture achieved quickly and easily with Beta’s extraordinary range of adjustments and options.

Adjustable Height Table

Office Source Electric Adjustable Table

a. The electric height-adjustable table allows employees to sit or stand at a whim without disturbing others, maximizing comfort and productivity.
b. Promotes a culture that appreciates employee health and well-being, while eliminating the sedentary work style.

For more information on the Sitmatic Beta² Ergonomic Seating and OfficeSource Adjustable Tables, contact Bill Lehman at 800-396-0738 or e-mail Bill at (

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