Mobile Storage

John, the office manager for a local Eastern North Carolina manufacturing company, was perplexed about what to do with all the office stuff the company had accumulated over the years. He had a 20’ x 60’ room full of stacked boxes of accounting records, old computer printouts, even holiday decorations, among other stuff.

John had been a customer of Systems Sales Company while he worked at another company and he remembered the work Bill Lehman had helped him with on a similar project. So he called Bill again to evaluate his new task. John developed 9 considerations to design an organized Storage Room.

mobile-shelving-misc items

  1. Inventory items to be stored. Throw away trash.
  2. Determine the weight of the items to be stored.
  3. Note the multiple sizes of the items to be stored.
  4. Is the 20’ x 60’ room large enough for everything to be stored?
  5. Comply with all fire codes.
  6. Determine the weight limit of the floor.
  7. Select the shelving style to match items being stored.
  8. Determine if a Mobile System or static shelving is the most appropriate use.
  9. Index the items into tracking software to be able to find them when placed on the shelf.

After consulting with Systems Sales Company, John agreed with my evaluation that addressed his 9 considerations, and ordered the recommended Mobile System, including the Tracking Software. It met all John’s concerns and even saved enough space in the Storage Room so he could add staff.

For a similar experience planning and implementing a Mobile Storage System, please call 800-396-0738 and ask for a professional consultation that will result in a design for which will exceed all expectations.


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