U.S. Postal Services Want Their Totes Back!

A large North Carolina Manufacturing Company received a Constant Contact communication from Systems Sales Company about returning US Postal Service Mail Totes to the Post Office.  David Williams, VP Postal Network Operations, said “the Postal Service spent nearly $50 million dollars this past fiscal year to replace equipment that was never returned. We are in a financial crisis and simply cannot afford this type of expense.  The Totes are federal property and we want them back”.

Mail Totes

The Manufacturing Company called Systems Sales Company for consultation.  Bill Lehman and the Director of Operations reviewed the mail function in each of their five departments and developed a plan to purchase Mail Totes from Charnstrom. Different colors were assigned to each department so to designate the origin of the Tote.  Many times their courier would use Mail Totes to transport items from one department to another.  Now they own their Mail Totes and have returned the borrowed ones to the Post Office, making David Williams very happy.

For further information about Charnstrom Mail Totes, please email Bill Lehman at bleh@greenvillenc.com or call 800-396-0738.

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